* Approx 2+ hour Newborn Shoot

* 10 High Resolution digital images of your choice 

* 1: 8x10 Print

* 2: 5x7 Prints

* Images are retouched at no additional charge

<< BABY'S FIRST YEAR >> $800

* Approx 2 hour Newborn Shoot

* 30 minute shoot at ages 6, 9 and 12 months

* You choose 10 pictures from each shoot to keep

* 1: 8x10 print from each shoot

* 2: 5x7 Prints from each shoot

* $250 due at Newborn session, $145 due each session thereafter

* Images are retouched at no additional charge


* You'll want to schedule your newborn session within the first 2 weeks after birth. 

* Newborns are very unpredictable! You may have a bunch of pictures in your mind that you would like to get, but the baby does not always agree! The session just goes at the pace of the baby!

* Newborn shoots will always go smoother if the baby is asleep. As precious as newborns are, they can make strange facial expressions and awkward body movements that do not photograph well while they are awake. Please be prepared with whatever helps your baby sleep! White noise, pacifier, etc. 

* On your way to the studio, put baby in the car seat in nothing but a diaper, and use blankets to cover her up. This way, if baby falls asleep in the car on the way over, we don't have to wake her up by trying to undress her when she arrives!

* Try not to feed baby right before you come. He will most likely wake up at the studio and feeding will help baby get back to sleep. Come prepared ready to feed often to keep the baby happy and full! 

* I budget 2 hours of time for your newborn session. Realistically, about half of that is spent actually taking pictures. The rest of the time is typically spent trying to get the baby to sleep. So if you come with a sleeping little one and your session only takes 30 minutes, you did not get jipped - You had a very successful newborn session!


* Parents always bring in their little angel and say "He is a really good baby! He hardly ever cries!" Please be prepared that a newborn session may be the fussiest you've seen your baby. Not Because I'm mean! Just because his first few weeks of life are spent in cuddly blankets with milk on demand and kisses around the clock! So coming to a new photography studio environment can be a bit of a shock. Plus, he is naked with a stranger trying to make him pose! So it is just a little different then they are used to.

* In the event that we need to reschedule after 2 hours of no success, a $50 fee will be required as the lack of pictures was out of the photographer's control.

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