Creative Art Portraits - Sassy Sparrow

CREATIVE ART PORTRAITS ......... $20 - $60

A Creative Art Portrait is done by taking an image from your photo session and compositing it with other photos and elements to create an entirely unique photograph. It allows you to get something truly special and magical, when it may not have otherwise been realistic. For example, maybe you want a sweet little fox in your photo, but in reality, its not realistic to bring a fox to your session! Through the power of  photoshop, I can create just about anything!

Creative Art Photography is largely a creative process and takes multiple hours to create just 1 photo, so it is nearly impossible to say "I want THIS exact picture with THIS exact background." The background composite picture must correlate with the original photo in order for the finished product to look as natural as possible. Therefore,  as the client, you would tell me what you have in mind, and then it is up to me to pull something together using my knowledge of perspective, lighting, angles, etc to create a piece of art. 

For example, if you liked the style of a certain painter, you may ask him to paint you a picture of a cabin on the lake. It is then up to the artist to create the piece of art for you that includes a cabin on a lake. Every piece of art is different and unique! No composite photo will ever be the same! 

This is an add on service. We will have a regular session, and you will get to keep the amount of photos that comes with your package. The $20 - $60  pricing includes 1 additional creative art photo. This is a photo we can pick out together, or perhaps I come across a photo that isn't a keeper alone, but would make an awesome creative piece. The pricing reflects how much time was spent to create your piece. If all that was needed, is simply switching out a background, it will be closer to $20, where as if the piece includes a lot of different elements, it will be closer to $60. 

The whole process is very individualized, so it's hard to nail down a concrete description! Let's create some magic you will treasure forever! 


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