* Travel Fee: $100 per additional hour of travel.

...(Photographer will travel free of charge within one hour of studio)

* Prints may be purchased Al La Carte

* $300 for an 8x8 20 page Flush Mount Photo Book


*Q* How long after the wedding can we expect our Pictures?

*** I know how exciting it is to see your pictures! So I always have them completed and to you within 2-3 weeks following your wedding day, with sneak peek images available within days of your wedding ***

*Q* Do we have to purchase the rights to our Images?

*** Never. My rate includes my time and talent, along with high resolution images with permissions. You have full rights to your images and are free to share, print, and use any way you would like, with the understanding that the photographer always shares copyright to the images as well ***

*Q* How Many Images will we receive from our Wedding?

*** I can not make any guarantee about how many pictures you will receive, as it varies greatly with each wedding due to several factors. As an estimate, you can typically expect to receive approx 30ish pictures for each hour of service. I will take many more, of course, but I take great care to select the very best images to deliver to you, fully edited and the best quality ***

*Q* Will we meet you before the wedding?

*** Absolutely. I love to meet my lovely couple ahead of time to discuss details about the wedding and what you expect from your pictures. You might consider booking an engagement session. This will allow us to get to know each others style and see if it is a good fit! ***

*Q* What if we Decide we want you to stay Longer?

*** No Problem. When you book me for your wedding, I do not schedule anything else that entire day. If you are having way too much fun at the reception and you'd like an extra hour of photography to capture it, just let me know! (Additional payment of $250 / hour will be due at that time) ***

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