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Custom Lifestyle Portraits

If you feel like you've done the same 'ol family portraits year after year, and you are ready for something fun and different, a customized lifestyle session would be perfect for you! 

The concept of this session is very different from an average photo shoot. With this option, you are investing in 1 awesome piece of art, instead of a full gallery of multiple photos. I would meet with your family ahead of time to view the location you would like to use. We will discuss the individual traits you'd like to capture in each person, and come up with a vision for your piece.

Get those creative juices flowing and get REAL!! Who are you as a family AND as an individual?!  The more detail you provide me with, the better your piece will represent your family! Does your family love hanging out by the pool, with dad flipping burgers on the grill, while mom sunbaths with a book, and the kids doing canon balls in the water? Let's capture it! 

Or maybe you're in the young family life, with mom on the floor surrounded by toys, messy hair, laundry spilling over the hamper, toddler running circles around the room, while dad is mixing a bottle in the kitchen and the baby throwing food from the high chair! How does your life LOOK in your current season?

When it is time for the actual photo, I will take each person's picture separately, and then work some magic to stitch the image together to create one, seamless art piece you'll love! Your piece will have the feel of a painting, rather than a typical photograph, which adds to the uniqueness of your piece!


Lifestyle Session & Print: $275

Includes Vision Consult, Session, High Resolution Digital Image, and 12x18 print

Lifestyle Session & Canvas Wrap: $375

Includes Vision Consult, Session, High Resolution Digital Image, 12x18 Canvas Wrap (Or similar size that best fits your piece within the wrap's surface)

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